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Clinical Massage Therapy- Clinical/Therapeutic massage combines a variety of Swedish massage and specialized advanced techniques(Drawn from Osteopathy and Advanced trainings) like Myotonic release, Myofascial release, Muscle energy, Positional release, Joint play, Trigger point therapy stretching and Remedial exercise to treat muscle, joint, tendon or ligamentous strain or injury. This treatment is a merging of the best of both Massage Therapy and structural Osteopathy all within the scope of Massage Therapy.

Manual Osteopathy– Manual Osteopathy uses a variety of manual hands on treatment techniques to balance out disharmony within your systems. Treatments can include but are not limited to: Osteoarticular corrections – gentle realignment of the bones, Visceral mobilization – gentle mobilization of the organs of the body, Cranial osteopathy – gentle movement of the bones of the skull, Sacrum and cerebrospinal fluid, Myofascial Release normalization of myofascial tension restoring normalcy in the muscles and surrounding tissue, Muscle energy – creation of muscle relaxation through muscle contraction and stretching, Strain counter-strain – method of relaxing and re-positioning joints resetting disharmony within the muscle or joint, and prescription of Remedial exercises which are specific stretches and strengthening exercises the client can use at home to assist in their treatment plan.

Initial Assessment(1hr)- An initial assessment is used to assess the problem(s) at hand, and to determine the best course of treatment. we will carefully examine your medical history as well as provide a thorough physical examination to assess your specific needs. The initial assessment also includes your first treatment.
This physical exam may include, but is not limited to:

  • Orthopedic assessment
  • Neurological assessment
  • Range of motion assessment
  • Postural assessment

After determining a treatment plan for your condition, with the remaining time we will begin treatment the same day. While some find immediate relief, the number of sessions you will need varies by condition and severity.

Prices for Above Treatments 

Initial/Follow up Osteopathy/CST(60 mins) – $140

Follow up Osteopathy/CST(45 mins) – $100 

Pediatric/Child Initial Osteopathy/CST(45 mins) – $100 

Pediatric/Child follow up Osteopathy/CST(30 mins) – $70

Initial/Follow up RMT/Clinical Massage Therapy(60 mins)- $120

Follow up RMT/Clinical Massage Therapy(45 mins) – $100

 Follow up RMT/Clinical Massage Therapy(30 mins) – $ 60

All prices include applicable taxes and receipts or invoices are available for insurance coverage.

 Cash or Cheque only at this time!

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